A new issue and a video abstract – “Shared Social License: Mining and Conservation in the Peruvian Andes”


It seems everything is happening early here in the UK, with the PM calling a general election while the rest of us enjoy a remarkably summer-y spring, so at Antipode HQ we decided to publish volume 49, number 3 – June’s issue – in late April. Why wait, when the papers are this good…?

Landscape and Gentrification: The Picturesque and Pastoral in 1980s New York Cinema – Johan Andersson

Towards an Energy Politics In-Against-and-Beyond the State: Berlin’s Struggle for Energy Democracy – James Angel

Sovereign Power, Biopower, and the Reach of the West in an Age of Diaspora-Centred Development – Mark Boyle and Elaine Ho

Alternative Food Economies and Transformative Politics in Times of Crisis: Insights from the Basque Country and Greece – Rita Calvário and Giorgos Kallis

Hope in Hebron: The Political Affects of Activism in a Strangled City – Mark Griffiths

Feminism from the Margin: Challenging the Paris/Banlieues Divide – Claire Hancock


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