Teresa Caldeira on street cultures and informal urbanisms

An interesting short interview with Teresa Caldeira via urbanNext, discussing the dangers and problems of architectural discourses aestheticizing so-called informal urbanisms and street cultures.

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Nomos of the Body


An audio tour contribution for ‘Hesitant desire shall flourish in a soil not too strong‘, a project by Ilona Sagar.

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New Towns in the 21st Century: Past, Present, Prospects

Here is the video of a series of talks and roundtable on New Town urbanism, celebrated at Harvard GSD last week, with speakers from the fields of design, planning and real estate.

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I Premio de Investigación de Economía Urbana de Madrid

El Área de Gobierno de Economía y Hacienda del Ayuntamiento de Madrid ha convocado el I Premio de Investigación de Economía Urbana de Madrid, destinado a investigadores en etapas tempranas de su labor—se admiten trabajos de doctorado y máster centrados en el funcionamiento de la economía local y la dotación de los premios es bastante generosa. El plazo se cierra el próximo 31 de octubre. Más información aquí.

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David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 1: Capital as Value in Motion

David Harvey’s new series of talks on Marx and Capital at CUNY will be available on YouTube. Here is the first lecture, delivered a few weeks ago.

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New open access book reviews for autumn


We’ve published some great reviews in recent months…

9781137397355.inddColombia has been in the headlines recently, and those following the referendum’s vicissitudes will no doubt find Kate Maclean’s Social Urbanism and the Politics of Violence: The Medellín Miracle (reviewed here by Seth Schindler, University of Sheffield) fascinating.

Vulnerability, Exploitation and MigrantsBoth Jonathan Darling (University of Manchester) and Glenda Garelli (QMUL) take on timely – indeed, urgent – issues of migration, reviewing Antoine Pécoud’s Depoliticising Migration: Global Governance and International Migration Narratives and Louise Waite and colleagues’ Vulnerability, Exploitation, and Migrants: Insecure Work in a Globalised Economy, respectively.

hunger-painsAlso under the spotlight recently have been poverty, “resilience” and austerity – issues anatomised in Emma Bimpson’s (University of Leeds) review of Geoffrey DeVerteuil’s Resilience in the Post-Welfare Inner City: Voluntary Sector Geographies in London, Los Angeles and Sydney, Alison Hulme’s (https://commoditytactics.wordpress.com) of Owen Hatherley’s The Ministry of Nostalgia: Consuming Austerity, and Stephanie Denning’s (University of Bristol) of Kayleigh Garthwaite’s Hunger…

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The Housing Question Revisited | New Issue of ACME and 2012 panel at AAG wih Neil Smith

ACME 15(3) is out, including a special section—coordinated by Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Anders Lund Hansen, Gordon MacLeod and Tom Slater—devoted to revisit Engels’ The Housing Question through a number of case studies and a transcription of Neil Smith’s intervention on this topic at the 2012 AAG meeting.

The video of the whole panel during that event is also available on Vimeo via Anders Lund Hansen. It includes contributions by Ute Lehrer, Gordon MacLeod, Peter Marcuse, Kate Shaw, Tom Slater and Smith.

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