Forthcoming in Antipode…

As the summer comes to an end and a new semester begins, we’re looking forward to 2017 and the papers forthcoming in Antipode 49(1) in January–all of which are available online now (and will be freely available in the new year).

The Editorial Collective, September 2016

Energy Colonialism and the Role of the Global in Local Responses to New Energy Infrastructures in the UK: A Critical and Exploratory Empirical Analysis

Susana Batel and Patrick Devine-Wright

Susana and Patrick argue that their paper on public responses to large-scale low-carbon energy infrastructures offers lessons for people engaging with other matters of concern, including immigration, contemporary populist politics, and the future of the EU. What role do intergroup relations, collective narratives, and geographical imaginaries play in these phenomena?

Conveyer-Belt Justice: Precarity, Access to Justice, and Uneven Geographies of Legal Aid in UK Asylum Appeals

Andrew Burridge and Nick Gill

Andrew and Nick’s discussion of the frames of “luck”, “uncertainty”, and “dislocation” explores a…

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