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‘Martin Wagner in America’ | Out in Planning Perspectives

The final version of my article ‘Martin Wagner in America: planning and the political economy of capitalist urbanization’ has been published in Planning Perspectives (this alternative link provides temporary free access to the full paper). This is part of the … Continue reading

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Landscape struggles, environmental hegemonies and the politics of urban design

In a previous post I announced the publication of a new article about Central Park in Environment and Planning D, this time focusing on the governmental and strategic role of the park’s schemein the context of local struggles to consolidate … Continue reading

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Gramsci and Foucault in Central Park | New article in Society and Space

My latest article, ‘Gramsci and Foucault in Central Park: Environmental hegemonies, pedagogical spaces and integral state formations’, is now available online on the early view webpage of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (requires subscription). The piece draws on … Continue reading

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The politics of architecture | Mouffe, Aureli, Whiting et al

Following up on the previous post, you can find below an interesting set of presentations about the politics of architecture by Chantal Mouffe, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Reinhold Martin, Ines Weizman and Sarah Whiting, and the ensuing discussion at the Architectural … Continue reading

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Lessons from London’s South Bank

Sonia Freire-Trigo, a former student of mine now at UCL, is co-author of the article ‘The New Localism, Anti-Political Development Machines, and the Role of Planning Consultants: Lessons from London’s South Bank’, published in Territory, Politics, Governance. The piece explores … Continue reading

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Contrahegemonías urbanas para transformar Madrid

Hace un par de semanas participamos en un encuentro organizado por el Círculo ‘Derecho a la ciudad’ de Podemos que, bajo la rúbrica ‘Reiniciar Madrid’, debía servir como espacio de debate para animar ideas en la alianza de Ganemos y … Continue reading

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Urbanism and Dictatorship, forthcoming in the series Bauwelt Fundamente

The website of Birkhäuser includes some early information about Urbanism and Dictatorship. A European Challenge, a forthcoming book in which I have participated. This is the volume n. 153 of the long-lasting and celebrated series Bauwelt Fundamente, which has recently … Continue reading

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