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Mapping Workers’ Councils, 1917-1927 has launched a very interesting initiative to map workers’ councils as they spread across Europe and beyond in the years following the 1917 revolutions in Russia. Each case includes a reference to articles or books where more information can … Continue reading

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Crisis global y teoría urbana crítica | Seminario en Barcelona

El próximo 10 de marzo nos reuniremos en Barcelona para presentar el volumen que Espacios Críticos ha dedicado a Neil Brenner y discutir con él y Margit Mayer los dilemas de la urbanización planetaria en un contexto de neoliberalización rampante. … Continue reading

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Harvey visualizes capital at Oxford

Here’s the video of Harvey’s talk at Oxford a couple of weeks ago, again focusing on his ‘Marx project’ and related adventures in the theory of value. Although his presentations are frequently based on implicit conceptual diagrams it’s relatively rare … Continue reading

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David Harvey and Robert Brenner discuss Trump, finance and the end of capitalism

Here is the video of the debate between David Harvey and Robert Brenner last week at the CUNY Graduate Center, with the title ‘What now? The roots of the economic crisis and the way forward’. Don’t miss the discussion about … Continue reading

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Stedman Jones, Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion

Gareth Stedman Jones, Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion is now out with Allen Lane and Belknap Press, a monumental biography and historical contextualization of Marx’s thinking. Stedman Jones, author of the superb Outcast London: A Study in the Relationship Between … Continue reading

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Utopia and the Critique of Political Economy | David Ruccio, 9th Annual Wheelwright Lecture, University of Sidney

Video of the recent talk of David Ruccio at University of Sidney.

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David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 1: Capital as Value in Motion

David Harvey’s new series of talks on Marx and Capital at CUNY will be available on YouTube. Here is the first lecture, delivered a few weeks ago.

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