The politics of architecture | Mouffe, Aureli, Whiting et al

Following up on the previous post, you can find below an interesting set of presentations about the politics of architecture by Chantal Mouffe, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Reinhold Martin, Ines Weizman and Sarah Whiting, and the ensuing discussion at the Architectural Association in an event organized by The Architecture Exchange. The roundtable is especially stimulating, with a debate about the figure of the commons in architecture (Aureli, by the way, has a short piece about this).

It is great to see how architects —at least at the academy— are again developing an interest in talking about the political dimension of design, although this is often done in a subtle way that postpones or obscures the most pressing everyday issues on the city streets. But this is undoubtedly a great step out of the comfort zone of aesthetic celebration of previous decades.

The Architecture Exchange organized a similar panel about the work of Graham Harman and the idea of an object-oriented architecture; more information and videos here.

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