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‘Real Estate Fictions’ by Left Hand Rotation

Here is the last clip collection from Left Hand Rotation’s Real State Fiction series, where they glean extracts, dialogues and shots from movies dealing with gentrification, displacement, eviction, dilapidation, city branding and other contemporary urban conflicts. The range of genres … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Imperative: Engaging the Work of Neil Smith

Antipode has published a special supplement dedicated to the late Neil Smith, available open access from the journal’s parallel site and also in paperback edition. In line with Smith’s broad interests the materials explore a wide range of substantive issues … Continue reading

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Green Inequalities: An inquiry into urban environmental gentrification

News of an upcoming event in Barcelona, next Friday. More information here. Does the distribution of new environmental amenities become more or less equitable as cities implement greening agendas? How can we resolve the tension between the targeted economic and … Continue reading

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Martin Wagner and the politics of capitalist urbanization

It’s been almost a month since I arrived in Cambridge to conduct a research on the work of Martin Wagner at Harvard during his appointment as a professor at the Graduate School of Design. Wagner —an engineer and planner, head … Continue reading

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After Neil Smith Tribute

The webpage of the Espais Crítics collective has now links to the set of presentations of the conference in tribute to the late Neil Smith. It was a remarkable and yet kind of sad occasion, given Neil’s absence in what … Continue reading

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Neil Smith Tribute, tomorrow in Barcelona

The Neil Smith tribute organized by Espais Crítics is approaching and I am thrilled to join the event tomorrow, as it will be a great opportunity not only to enjoy the interesting set of selected papers (full program here) and … Continue reading

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Verano musical en la ciudad (2) │ New York, New York: sexo y abandono en la ciudad

Continúo el hilo abierto la semana pasada (ver entrada anterior aquí) con un par de piezas más en las que la música habla de la ciudad. Cada año, al comenzar el curso de ‘Ciudad y urbanismo’ —una asignatura en la … Continue reading

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David Harvey + Michael Janoschka en Atenas

Veo el siguiente vídeo con una charla de David Harvey en un reciente evento en Atenas —parece que el abuelo está cada vez más comprometido con ese laboratorio en el que Europa parece estar volviendo a jugarse su identidad— y … Continue reading

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La clase creativa y la ciudad capitalista

Un interesante documental realizado por Tino Buchholz para la tarde/noche de este domingo. Creativity and the Capitalist City. The Struggle for Affordable Space in Amsterdam (vídeo en Vimeo aquí) explora el modo en que el trabajo creativo es movilizado por … Continue reading

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