Harvey on the contemporary composition of the working class and the project of fusing Marxism and anarchism

In an excerpt from a recent debate in Brazil, David Harvey discusses the configuration of contemporary working class and latent forms of revolutionary organization on an urban basis, suggesting the potentialities of fusing the anarchist and Marxist traditions to shape them. Harvey had a fiery exchange with Simon Springer back in the summer about the advantages and contributions of these traditions in the field of radical geography (see Springer’s original intervention, Harvey’s reaction and Springer’s response), so the remarks in the video —using the voice of Murray Bookchin— could be seen as an extension of that discussion: “the future of the Left depends crucially on putting together the best of anarchism and the best of Marxism”, without this “the Left is doomed to failure”; in fact, Harvey says, “the dogmatic anarchists and the dogmatic Marxists should go to hell” (sic).

Full-length recording of the event here.

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