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#ResisteHabitat3 | Final alternative ‘Declaration in defense of our territories’

Following up on my previous post about Habitat 3, here’s the alternative manifesto of Resistencia Habitat III, one of the local movements in Quito that have been organizing parallel events, challenging dominant narratives about urbanization and the UN new urban … Continue reading

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Synthesis: A new justice for the New Urban Agenda

Habitat III is now part of history, and it remains to be seen how the urban futures that figured so prominently in the official discourses will be shaped by the new urban agenda, well-intentioned but vague as it is. As … Continue reading

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A New Justice for the New Urban Agenda | UN-Habitat Conference in Madrid

The Conference ‘A New Justice for the New Urban Agenda’ will take place in Madrid next week, organized by the UN-Habitat Office in Spain. The event will bring together an interesting group of speakers including political authorities, planners, scholars and … Continue reading

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La Biblioteca CF+S, galardonada como buena práctica

La Biblioteca ‘Ciudades para un Futuro más Sostenible’, uno de los recursos fundamentales sobre sostenibilidad en Internet, ha obtenido la calificación de “Good” en el IX Concurso Internacional de Buenas Prácticas organizado por UN-Habitat. El concurso se enmarca dentro del … Continue reading

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