Global Capitalism and Forms of Urban Regeneration – tribute conference to Neil Smith

Progressive Geographies

I previously shared the Spanish language call for this conference, but here’s the English details – interpretation will be provided.

Neil Smith, who prematurely died in 2012, has had an immense influence on the discipline of geography and on the social sciences in general: his works on global capitalism, uneven development and processes of urban regeneration and gentrification are key contributions. His theorizations on space as a product of capitalist development and on the strategies of capital over the processes of urban change have been used worldwide in many empirical studies. His militancy and activism in several causes is still today an example of commitment and involvement for all social scientists.

This conference, organized by [espaiscritics], focuses on Neil Smith’s work and is addressed to all those interested in urban social theory. It will rely on the presence of the most prestigious international experts on the work and the topics that defined Neil Smith’s…

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