Harvey sobre su ‘Marx Project’

David Harvey comenta extensamente sobre su Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism —que califica como su “libro más peligroso”—, contextualizando el trabajo en su ‘Proyecto Marx’ de la última década y el conjunto de su carrera. Cada vez más pedagógico y directo:

I am anti-capitalist for purely rational reasons. [Capitalism] has … become too dangerous to itself as well as to us and others. Much of what is now happening is simply insane. Any reasonable person assessing the evidence would, if they are of sound mind, necessarily and rationally become anti-capitalist… Why, to take just one small example, are we so hell-bent on building cities for the wealthy to invest in rather than cities for people to live adequately if not happily in? We should all go to the top of the next golden condo being built for no one to live or one of those absurd buildings in Dubai and hang a banner from it saying “THIS IS INSANE”. Such follies were in the past occasional and clearly meant as follies, but they are now becoming the norm. Where else can overaccumulating surplus capital go?

Les recuerdo que el libro está traducido al castellano y en acceso libre: pueden descargarlo aquí.

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