Antipode 47(1) out now – and freely available without a subscription

Antipode abre el año con un número en acceso libre, con montones de material interesante. No perderse el artículo de Michael Byrne y Patrick Bresnihan sobre los comunes urbanos en Dublín.

We start the new year looking back to 2013 and the Antipode RGS-IBG Lecture. Presented in London by Bruce Braun (University of Minnesota) ‘New Materialisms and Neoliberal Natures’ was recorded by our publisher, Wiley, and can be watched online. Bruce developed the lecture into a paper for the journal, which is available here, and we pulled a good number of papers from the archives to produce a virtual issue exploring Bruce’s work and the work of his interlocutors and fellow travellers on materialist social theory, the production of nature, neoliberal natures, environmental justice, climate change, capitalist conservation, and much besides.

Speaking of conservation, next we have Evangelia Apostolopoulou and Bill Adams’ (University of Cambridge) Neoliberal Capitalism and Conservation in the Post-crisis Era: The Dialectics of ‘Green’ and ‘Un-green’ Grabbing in Greece and the UK, which examines the roll back of conservation regulation, market-based approaches to ‘saving’ nature…

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