Virtual issue – Class, Politics, and Representation

Antipode publica un imprescindible número virtual sobre las geografías del trabajo y la lucha de clases. Más de 20 artículos, la mayor parte de ellos frescos, en acceso libre para celebrar el reciente encuentro de Gareth Stedman Jones y Jane Wills en el congreso anual de la Royal Geographical Society y el Institute of British Geographers. Los trabajos abiertos por la revista ofrecen un amplio abanico de enfoques, lugares y manifestaciones del trabajo desde la perspectiva radical que caracteriza a la revista. Estupendo material para iniciar el curso…

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On Wednesday 27th August, Queen Mary University of London’s Gareth Stedman Jones and Jane Wills will discuss their work on class, politics and representation in London from the 19th to 21st century, exploring the similarities and differences between now and then. The 2014 Antipode RGS-IBG Lecture will take place between 16:50 and 18:30 (session 4) in the Ondaatje Theatre; it will be followed by a drinks reception sponsored by our publisher, Wiley.

Outcast_LondonA Professor of the History of Ideas, Gareth’s recently re-published Outcast London: A Study in the Relationship Between Classes in Victorian Society examines representations of the city produced by politicians, religious leaders, novelists and social investigators looking at the uncertainty and volatility of working class lives subject to the vagaries of the world economy, and explores their relation to charitable institutions and the nascent welfare state.

global_citiesA Professor of Human Geography, Jane’s research on labour politics, in-work poverty…

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