Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre?

Consejos imprescindibles para introducirse en el universo Lefebvre por Stuart Elden, buen conocedor de su trabajo. Como él mismo señala, su Understanding Henri Lefebvre. Theory and the Possible es también un volumen extraordinariamente útil para empezar con el viejo.

Progressive Geographies

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This comes in response to a question to me on Twitter. Where should you start with Henri Lefebvre?

the-production-of-space-21054272I think many people, especially in Geography, go to The Production of Space. That’s a major work, certainly, but I don’t think it’s a good place to start. It’s a difficult book, which was Lefebvre’s writing up – the theoretical culmination – of several years working on urban and, earlier, rural questions. All-too-often it is read through the lens of the first chapter – a broad, conceptual schema – and not balanced by the much more historical study found in later chapters. I’ve heard several people say that this was the first, and last, thing of Lefebvre they read, or started to read. Any serious engagement with Lefebvre has to come to terms with this book, but it’s not…

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One Response to Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre?

  1. G. García says:

    Hace varios años escribí un librito sobre Lefebvre que puede servir como introducción a su obra para el público hispanohablante. Se llama “Las sombras de la modernidad. La crítica de Henri Lefebvre a la cotidianidad moderna”, publicado por Arlekín en Costa Rica en el 2001. Como en general sucede con las editoriales independientes en América Latina, tiene una distribución muy limitada. Disculpen por el comercial, pero si a alguien le interesa, tal vez se pueda encontrar en: https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-librer%C3%ADa-andante/101543639938077?ref=br_tf

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