Airport Landscape: Urban Ecologies in the Aerial Age

The Harvard Graduate School of Design will host an interesting conference & exhibition entitled Airport Landscape: Urban Ecologies in the Aerial Age (more info here), an initiative by Sonja Dümpelmann and Charles Waldheim. I had the opportunity to attend one of Dümpelmann’s lectures about her research of aerial landscapes last April; her approach is really powerful and helpful to understand some unknown features of modern town planning and landscape design, beyond the conventional ascription of a totalizing, disembodied ‘god’s view’ to the experiences of the so-called Modern Movement. This is part of her forthcoming book Flights of Imagination: Powered Aviation and the Art and Science of Landscape Design and Planning (University of Virginia Press).

I guess that the exhibition and conference next Autumn build on that perspective. Here’s the presentation of the event:

Airport Landscape claims the airport as a site of and for landscape. Airports have never been more central to the life of cities, yet they remain peripheral in design discourse. Landscape architects have recently reasserted their historic claims on the airfield as a site of design through a range of practices. Airport Landscape presents these practices and the projects that support them. The exhibition assembles work from a number of the world’s leading landscape architects for the ecological enhancement and design of both operating and abandoned airfields. The conference gathers leading designers and scholars from a range of disciplines and includes keynotes by Peter Galison, Adriaan Geuze, and Christophe Girot.

Airport Landscape

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