Stuart Elden sobre una de sus últimas ponencias. Parece que está abriendo una nueva línea de reflexión orientada a los aspectos específicamente urbanos y su relación con el territorio: ¡habrá que seguirle la pista!

Progressive Geographies

The ‘Thinking Urban Worlds’ workshop at Durham was held on Wednesday. A very interesting afternoon of discussion organised by Colin McFarlane with presentations by Andy Merrifield and Simon Marvin, and discussant comments from Gordon MacLeod along with my own paper. The event was recorded, so hopefully that will be available soon.

[Update – recordings and reflections available here]

In my paper ‘Urban/Territory/World’ I tried to think about the relation between these three terms. I decided to write something new, rather than just talk about previous work. I ended up with something that was too long, so decided to cut all the stuff I was comfortable with – the historical discussion of the urban/territory relation, and theorisations of the world in Lefebvre, Axelos and Fink – and just try out the newer ideas that I was thinking through. So it was a deliberately tentative paper, with indications and suggestions…

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