A new issue and video abstract – “Sovereign Power, Biopower, and the Reach of the West in an Age of Diaspora-Centred Development”


Today we sent our third issue of 2017 to press. Antipode 49(3) is a brilliant snapshot of critical geography today, offering contributions on gentrification and cinema; energy politics and the state; alternative food economies; activism and affect; gender and citizenship; global climate politics; poverty and the practice of philanthropy; Brutalist architecture; mining and conservation; the asylum-seeking body; suburbs and capital accumulation; urban food justice; post-democratic international relations; and “care-full” social justice.

There’s also a great essay by Mark Boyle and Elaine Ho, “Sovereign Power, Biopower, and the Reach of the West in an Age of Diaspora-Centred Development”, introduced here by the authors in a video abstract. Their paper’s point of departure, they explain, is that:

…research on migration policy has focused almost entirely on migrant receiving states and the problematics of immigration. The question of how migrant sending states might deal with emigration and its consequences has been largely overlooked until a recent surge of interest in diaspora-centred development. Many migrant…

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