Video abstract – Diarmaid Kelliher’s “Constructing a Culture of Solidarity: London and the British Coalfields in the Long 1970s”

Last week on we featured all the papers forthcoming in January 2017 in Antipode 49(1). Here we delve a bit deeper, looking at Diarmaid Kelliher’s contribution, “Constructing a Culture of Solidarity: London and the British Coalfields in the Long 1970s”.

When we spoke with him about his essay, Diarmaid explained:

This article is centrally concerned with the development of relationships of solidarity between different localities over an extended period of time. While the 1984-85 miners’ strike was in many ways a spectacular event, I try to show that the significant level of support it received in part relied on the development of relationships in the previous 15 years. It is of course necessary to respond to specific political events, but this is itself easier if more longstanding relationships have been constructed. In particular, if solidarity is to be a mutual relationship this is far more likely to develop…

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