Reframing the World as One City | A debate forum in urbanNext

A group of architects and designers, in collaboration with Acta Publishers, recently launched the web project urbanNext, a site devoted to explore the role an expanded urban condition plays in shaping and rethinking architecture and urbanism. The content is broad and variegated, dealing with a number of collateral disciplines and related fields of practice, from energy and technology to territory and politics. The website uses diverse formats—texts, videos, architectural drawings and photographs, etc.—to generate a labyrinth of information that, even after just a few months of publications, is already complex and intricate.


Daniel Ibañez and Roi Salgueiro, co-editors of the ‘territory & mobility’ section, have organized an interesting forum, ‘Reframing the World as One City’, to debate old and recent attempts to rethink the urban in relation to the planetary or global scales, and evaluate the impact of rescaled processes and conceptions of urbanization in architecture and design. John Friedmann and Saskia Sassen, Richard Florida, Constantinos Doxiadis, the urban-age discourse and Neil Brenner and Christian Schmid’s contributions form the framework for the discussion, which is already gaining momentum. The editors invited me to participate and you can now read the answers and, more importantly, join the conversation.

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