Waldheim | Landscape as Urbanism

Charles Waldheim presents his book Landscape as Urbanism: A General Theory (Princeton University Press, forthcoming) at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The talk includes an interesting discussion about the discursive constitution of disciplines. Waldheim draws on Harvey’s notion of ‘spatial fix’ to identify particular moments in the history of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism when macro-economic and social upheavals trigger a recomposition of established disciplinary boundaries in the wake of major structural reconfigurations of the built environment. In these situations, he argues, an intrinsically malleable field as landscape architecture becomes an strategic pivotal point through which new spatial formations can be articulated. The hypothesis is illustrated with a counter-chronological analysis of works by Adriaan Geuze / West 8, James Corner Field Operations, Stan Allen, Ludwig Hilberseimer and Frederick Law Olmsted, amongst others.

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    A lecture by Charles Waldheim on his forthcoming booked Landscape as Urbanism.

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