Henri Lefebvre, Metaphilosophy – forthcoming in 2016 from Verso with introduction by Stuart Elden

Buena noticia sobre la traducción al inglés de Métaphilosophie, de Lefebvre, con introducción a cargo de Stuart Elden.

Progressive Geographies

metaphilosophieHenri Lefebvre’s fundamental book Métaphilosophie is forthcoming in translation in Spring 2016 from Verso. It will have an introduction from me. Further details when available.

I’ve long wanted this book to be translated – hopefully as the first of a few of his more philosophical-conceptual studies. They are so important to his overall work, and yet have largely been absent from Anglophone debates.

A short piece from this book was translated for the Key Writings collection, but no other parts are currently in English. Many thanks to Sebastian Budgen at Verso for his support of this project.

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