La arquitectura de David Lynch

Un interesante —inquietante, quizás, sería un calificativo más ajustado— libro sobre el rol de la arquitectura y el espacio en el cine de David Lynch, The Architecture of David Lynch, a cargo de Richard Martin. Hay un capítulo dedicado a los mundos urbanos (y rurales) del director, y después el libro rastrea otras escalas, hasta llegar a la estancia… esas estancias inverosímiles, ya saben.

The Architecture of David Lynch

From the Red Room in Twin Peaks to Club Silencio in Mulholland Drive, the work of David Lynch contains some of the most remarkable spaces in contemporary culture. Richard Martin’s compelling study is the first sustained critical assessment of the role architecture and design play in Lynch’s films. Martin combines original research at Lynchian locations in Los Angeles, London and Lódz with insights from architects including Adolf Loos, Le Corbusier and Jean Nouvel and urban theorists such as Jane Jacobs and Edward Soja.

In analyzing the towns, cities, homes, roads and stages found in Lynch’s work, Martin not only reveals their central importance for understanding this controversial and distinctive film-maker, but also suggests how Lynch’s films can provide a deeper understanding of the places and spaces in which we live. –


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