New article in Antipode | ‘Capitalist formations of enclosure: space and the extinction of the commons’

My latest article, ‘Capitalist formations of enclosure: space and the extinction of the commons’, is now available online at the early view webpage of Antipode. This was a great opportunity to sum up some of my recent explorations of the historical geography of enclosure, tracking its morphologies on a range of different periods and scales; but also and especially to expand my previous contributions with a more systematic conceptual and theoretical approach. I am more than happy with the publication of this piece in Antipode, given the journal’s key role in disseminating the debate on enclosure and the commons in the field of geography.


Here is the abstract:

Despite their theoretical and political potential, recent debates on enclosure usually lack an effective consideration of how space is mobilized in the process of dispossession. This article connects the analysis of enclosure’s general spatial rationality to a range of illustrations of its particular formations and procedures. Enclosure is understood as one of capitalism’s “universal territorial equivalents”, a polymorphous technique with variegated expressions in time but also with a consistent logic that uses the spatial erosion of the commons to subsume non-commodified, self-managed social spaces. In response to the ever-changing nature of commoning, successive regimes of enclosure reshape the morphologies of deprivation and their articulation to other state and market apparatuses in order to meet shifting strategies of capital accumulation and social reproduction. Through a spatially nuanced account of these phenomena, I outline a tentative genealogy of enclosure formations that allows tracking diverse geographies of dispossession across different scales and regulatory contexts in various historical stages of capitalist development.

Please contact me if you don’t have access to this piece of enclosed material from your institution.

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  1. stuartelden says:

    Reblogueó esto en Progressive Geographiesy comentado:
    Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago’s new article in Antipode.

  2. Hi
    I can’t access your article. I’d be very interested to read it. If you have a pre-print copy you can send me, that would be really kind. My email is …….


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