Antipode volume 47, issue 2 – out now

It’s the first week of February and we’ve just published our March issue (!?)-Antipode 47:2.

As you’ll see, there are some superb essays in this issue, and we’d like to take this opportunity to make connections between them and other, either recently published or forthcoming, pieces.

Sarah Bracking’s The Anti-Politics of Climate Finance: The Creation and Performativity of the Green Climate Fund follows the design of the UN’s Green Climate Fund over the last few years, charting the struggle between states, corporations and banks and various civil society actors over the future of environmental governance. [See also Christian Parenti’s The Environment Making State: Territory, Nature, and Value.]

Noelle Brigden and Wendy Vogt’s Homeland Heroes: Migrants and Soldiers in the Neoliberal Era examines the relationship between neoliberalism and nationalism through the lenses of US citizens enlisting in the military and unauthorised Central Americans migrating to the United States…

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