Łukasz Stanek interviews Mario Gaviria about Henri Lefebvre’s Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment

Desde el blog de Stuart Elden, Łukasz Stanek entrevista a Mario Gaviria. Tuvimos a Gaviria hace unos meses en la ETSAM, invitado por nuestro departamento… su visita no dejó indiferente a nadie.

Progressive Geographies

image With Henri Lefebvre’s Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment  about to be published, editor Łukasz Stanek interviews Mario Gaviria – who originally commissioned the book from Lefebvre. He also edited Lefebvre’s collection  Du rural à l’urbain .

You can watch the interview about Gaviria’s own “research, his friendship with Henri Lefebvre, and the origins of the manuscript” – in French – here.

My own interview with Łukasz is nearly complete, and will be posted to the Society and Space open site soon.

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