The Public Without The State

El texto de una reciente ponencia de Mark Purcell sobre la producción de lo público sin el Estado de por medio. Los dilemas son en buena parte los mismos que se suscitaron al final de mi charla sobre ‘La forma de lo común en la historia’ el otro día en la oposición.

Path to the Possible


I recently participated in a session on the concept of the public organized by Malcolm Tait for the joint AESOP/ACSP Planning Conference in Dublin.  This was an audience of planners, and so my comments were geared toward their ears, but it still might be interesting to a wider audience.  The panel was great, and it included Lucie Lauien, Lucy Natarajan, Christopher Maidment, Mattila Hanna, and Sanjeev Vidyarthi.

The Public Without the State

In the opening session of this conference, the Irish Minster for Housing and Planning said, “I want to demystify the planning system, and give it back to everyone.” I want to think through what it would mean to take her literally.

The backbone of my comments will be this question: what would happen if we decouple “public” from “State”? How would we think public if there were no State? I should say that by “State” here I mean…

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