Richard Sennett GSD Lecture 2012 – The Architecture of Cooperation

Ben Fraser da noticia del vídeo de una conferencia reciente de Richard Sennett en la GSD de Harvard.


Here, Richard Sennett talks at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on “The Architecture of Cooperation.” Watch all of it, but I found very interesting the point (at around minute 44) where he discusses the city as a body, springing from the introduction in New York City so many years ago of the “Spanish Marqueta”/Spanish Market which was going to be placed either at the edge of Spanish Harlem bordering the rich neighborhood at 96th street or in the middle of Spanish Harlem… You can learn more about the market here, but apparently as Sennett mentions the market was bought up recently by a ‘Cuban multinational’… A complementary passage from his 2011 book–well represented in that lecture–reads “Edges come in two sorts: boundaries and borders. A boundary is a relatively inert edge; population thins out at this sort of edge and there’s little exchange among creatures. A border is…

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  1. Andrés says:

    Buen sitio para dar una conferencia, y, sobre todo, ¡buen conferenciante! AM

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